Saturday, September 16, 2017

Democratic Party Primary Fun & Games

For those who thought the DNC's attempts to prevent Sen. Bernie "Chavez" Sanders from getting the nomination for Felonia Pantsuit was an aberration: 9/16/17 Roll Call:
Lawyers for a former Democratic primary challenger to Pennsylvania Rep. Robert Brady said his client plans to plead guilty to hiding a $90,000 payment from Brady's campaign after dropping out of the primary in 2012.
Court documents show that former Philadephia city judge Jimmie Moore met with Brady and said the arrangement was “agreed and understood” that the payment would be disguised, The Associated Press reported.
Not just Moore's claim against Brady's denial:
Moore’s former staffer Carolyn Cavaness admitted to falsifying Federal Election Commission records in July. The case was under seal after prosecutors argued Brady tried to influence a witness but was unsealed after Cavaness pled guilty. 

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