Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Blame Everyone But Me

Hillary Clinton says Bernie Sanders’s reluctance to concede the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination before the party’s convention was disrespectful, hurtful and stood in stark contrast to the way she handled her primary loss to Barack Obama in 2008.
“I had such a different experience in ’08,” Clinton said in an interview with the “Pod Save America” podcast that was posted on Tuesday. “Once it was over, it was over. And I quickly endorsed President Obama. I worked really hard to get him elected. I was still arguing with my supporters at the Denver convention, telling people, ‘Don’t be ridiculous. You’ve got to vote for Senator Obama, at the time.’ And I was thrilled when he got elected.”
It was that mean Donald Trump, deplorable, racist voters, now it includes Bernie Sanders.  When everyone is after you, that usually indicates paranoia.  She couldn't win with the active and obvious support of nearly all the national news media, but it could not be calling 1/4 of the voters "deplorable" and "irredeemable."  It could not be the personal corruption of her, Bubba, and the Clinton Foundation.  It couldn't be the transgender bathrooms and military, or her tragic (often deadly) record as Secretary of State, or working for the most incompetent President in my memory.  Nor the server/email incompetence (if not outright criminal behavior), or the way the DNC bent the process against Bernie Sanders, destroying progressive trust of Clinton.  No, it's all those other people.  Felonia Pantsuit needs to leave the Swamp long enough to meet Americans who are not swamp dwellers.

I would never have thought the 2016 Presidential candidates label would still be relevant this far after the election, but sore losers are keeping it relevant.


  1. Bernie's reluctance? To conceded a primary election STOLEN by HRC and the DNC? That's rich.

    "Felonia Pantsuit" - ROFL

  2. The Republican Party should be grateful; she's taking the heat off them, when they deserve horse-whipping for the terrible job they've done of legislating. They have all the ducks in a row, but can't get anything done. Makes me furious!

    Sorry, "failure" to legislate I should have said!

    The Dems may be crooks, and they may be on the wrong side of practically everything, but when they're in power they make things happen! Too bad it's always bad things, but that's the nature of the beast.

    We really need a 3rd party: an American party!