Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hard to Believe But I Used to Live in the Bay Area, So Any Possible Fluid Could Be Involved

State officials are investigating several flutes that were distributed to some students in at least three Orange County school districts as part of a music program. Authorities say the instruments may have contained bodily fluids.
In emails sent to parents of students Friday afternoon, Sept. 29, district officials notified them there was an investigation regarding flutes given to students — as young as elementary-school age — by an individual who is also being investigated.
Bodily fluids?  Which kind?  And HIV+ or what?

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  1. Having played the clarinet I can state that my spit /saliva is in it from one end to the other. Thats why I used to have a rag that I could run through to remove the worst of it before I put the instrument away. Certain horns, by their twists and turns had drain valves. Can you get HIV from a used reed or mouth piece: I really can't say. But I can say when I have the mouthpiece solvent cleaned to removed the saliva scale from it, and a new reed, its as sanitary as a wood wind can get.