Friday, September 29, 2017

Progressive Ignorance of History

9/28/17 USA Today:
A woman suspected of leaking U.S. secrets to a news organization claimed she stuffed a classified report into her pantyhose and walked out of a National Security Agency office in Georgia, mainly because she hates America "like three times a day."...

In their latest filing Wednesday, prosecutors also included a partial transcript of a Facebook chat between Winner and her sister in February. 
“Look, I only say I hate America like 3 times a day,” Winner wrote. “I’m no radical. It’s mostly just about Americans obsession with air conditioning.” 
Her sister asked: “But you don’t actually hate America, right?”
Winner replied: “I mean yeah I do it’s literally the worst thing to happen on the planet. We invented capitalism the downfall of the environment.”
Her high school or college teacher needs severe punishment.  Or her mother.  Naming your child "Reality" sounds like something one of those "Reality-Based Community" sorts would do.

What Would Adam "The Wealth of Nations (1776)" Smith have to say?

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  1. "Her high school or college teacher needs severe punishment. Or her mother."

    All of the above.