Monday, August 14, 2017

Intentional Riot Provocation?

Althouse has a good discussion of the evidence that Charlottesville officials withheld police intervention to gin up a riot.  Progressives want a race-based civil war.  They fantasize that every black and Hispanic will join them at the barricades to exterminate "whiteness," except for their own progressive white selves.  Does this sound like Charles Manson's plan for provoking race war that would leave him in charge?  Yes.

The problem with their plan is that most blacks and Hispanics, I am guessing, will not join in a race war for both moral and practical reasons.  Doubtless the progressive attempt will encourage racist violence, strengthening lunatic fringe white racist groups and driving fringe minority group members into joining the war, but this will just be a bloody disaster that kills off the progressive leadership.

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