Saturday, August 26, 2017


Small Dead Animals reminds us that the Taliban were destroying statues of Buddha in 2001 to general disapproval, and there were not even any Buddhists left there.  Now, similar fanatics are out to destroy statues that remind us of the past.

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  1. And for the same reason, too! Doubtless the Buddhists in the area resisted the changeover to the new regime, so the statues went for the same reason the Confederate's statues went. [Ross Perot voice] Problem Solved! [/Ross Perot voice]

    And are we not remembering the history and not plowing the Confederate graves under because we're honoring them for military achievement? I have never seen a statue -- or a picture of -- or a picture of a statue -- of Lee or Jackson or even Nathan Bedford Forrest in civilian clothing. I'm sure there are some out there, and the statues in civvies should go quietly, but except for the Jefferson Davis Highway, I don't know of anything honoring the civilian thugs who plunged the south into the war (Alexander Stevens, and those various Senators and Congressmen from South Carolina, et al).