Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Time Has Come to Leave Blogger for a Non-Goolag Blogging Tool

Here is a list of alternatives.  I have exported my blog as an XML file.  I would love to have an easy way to just import it, perhaps using my domain for storage.  Any suggestions on the easiest blogging platform to use?  Actually, I am powering through Yola.  It looks different from blogger of course, but I think I am getting it.  Yola free is too limiting on space.  Ditto for LiveJournal and Ghost.  WordPress has a free version if you use your their domain.  WordPress import is limited to 15MB, so that's out.  Or you can import multiple XML files; let's see if blogger will export by year.  No, it imported the whole thing!

I have successfully imported both blogs into WordPress.  I would like to  center the titles, but just adding HTML does not work.  There are a number of pages that purport to tell how to do this, but their solutions do not work.  Can any WordPress users tell me how?

Okay, I give up.  WordPress is incomprehensible; I guess I am stuck with EVIL.


  1. Probably a bit early to give up altogether, but Wordpress ... the best description I've heard of it is that it's a remote access facility that includes a blogging feature.

  2. For me that day came in 2012. Google has long been an enemy of the 2nd Amendment. I went with WordPress which was the best option available at the time - or so I thought.

    It isn't perfect, but it isn't bad either. They keep changing things that don't need to be changed, but that is every programmer I ever worked with.

    The default theme I use is readable on just about everything. The main posts are very available via smart phone, and I can find the sidebar, though at first glance it is hidden. (Because of the infinite scroll on posts, it is only available via one of my pages.)

    Be interesting to see what you select.

  3. Yeah, doing anything fancy format-wise with Wordpress is an extra fee, I think. I just stuck with a default format.

    On the plus side, you now have a backup, right?