Thursday, August 17, 2017

Yes, Unlicensed Gun Sales for Profit at Gun Shows Will Get You Prison Time

BOISE, ID - Steven Clyne, 70, of Meridian, was sentenced Monday to two years and three months in federal prison for dealing over 300 guns without a license -- and making false statements when purchasing guns, according to Acting United States Attorney Rafael Gonzalez.
Clyne was convicted by a federal jury at trial in March of this year.
“Clyne violated federal law by engaging in the business of dealing guns without a license, and without following requirements such as conducting background checks,” said a news release from Gonzalez’ office. 
Some of the guns were subsequently used in crimes.  You can buy and sell guns at gun shows, but doing it on a regular basis for profit without an FFL is a crime.  If this is what the gun control advocates want controlled, guess what?  It is.

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  1. BATF has always been very careful to not explicitly define what "engaged in the business" actually means.

    Selling one gun?
    One gun a month?
    One gun a week?

    They refuse to define a specific cutoff.

    And most of the non-FFLs you see selling at gun shows on a semi-regular basis used to have FFLs, but had them pulled, or their renewal denied, because they didn't have a storefront, or comply with local zoning ordinances, or some such, as a part of BATF's intentional program, in recent decades, of significantly decreasing the number of FFLs.

    They've reduced the number by more than 80%, over the last 30 years, and they're starting to prep the memespace for yet another effort.