Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Editing the Past

8/11/17 National Review:
This week the Yale Alumni Magazine reported that a stone carving of an Indian and a Puritan over an entrance to Sterling Memorial Library had been bowdlerized, with the weapon the latter was holding covered up. A head librarian, Susan Gibbons, said that she and the university’s Committee on Art in Public Spaces found that the carving’s “presence at a major entrance to Sterling was not appropriate.” Yale ordered the musket of the Puritan to be covered up with a layer of stone that Gibbons said “can be removed in the future without damaging the original carving,” the magazine reported.
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They better never go to the Connecticut statehouse in Hartford.  All those declicate  little snowflakes will flash evaporate at what's carved on the walls: swords, muskets, cannon.

An overdecorated style, but still visually striking.

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