Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sleep Study Last Night

This was two hours of sleep followed by several hours with a CPAP mask.  There were so many wires and sensors that I feared someone would ping my IP address, with unpleasant results.  Don't even think about a DDoS attack!  (Yes,  I watched The Matrix one too many times on a flight to the 1999 solar eclipse in Britain. )

Anyway, the first CPAP mask was impossible for sleep; the second one, while uncomfortable, at least allowed sleep.  My daughter tells me that many of her clients report CPAP as a life-changing experience.

It is now 4:30, and for five hours  of sleep,  and running around all day, I feel pretty good.   I wish that I found a workable CPAP solution in 2006.  I might have survived the 2008 HP layoff and be more comfortably retired than I am (which is pretty darn comfortable).


  1. Yes! It certainly changed my life. I got back about 2-3 hours of the day in the morning that I normally spent in a dreary haze waiting for the coffee to kick in. Now, I get up and go!

    First week on the CPAP I had very intense dreams, another common occurrence I've heard.

    Well worth the effort and expense.

  2. I got a nosepiece only CPAP in early June. It really has changed things around here. My wife has stopped using ear plugs at night.
    I also have vivid dreams. Just last week I was a guest with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in their private apartment in Buckingham Palace.

  3. My life improved dramatically when I got my CPAP. Memory, coordination and concentration became much better. The mask can be a minor annoyance but it's definitely worth it