Thursday, August 17, 2017

I've Seen This Ignorance Before

Breitbart points to protesters vandalizing a peace memorial because they mistakenly thought it was a Civil War memorial.  (Hat tip to Instapundit.)  During the first Gulf War, protesters vandalized a number of buildings in Rohnert Park with graffiti that was supposed to be the peace symbol followed by NOW.  But being ignorant leftists, they used the Mercedes symbol, not the peace symbol.

The comments at Instapundit are marvelous, suggesting that we redirect the left with false associations:
There's tremendous potential here for monkeywrenching. "Don't you realize that the rainbow flag was originally the battle flag of the 1st Confederate Transgender Infantry? It's a symbol of hate! Tear it down!"
It's a kind of challenge: Try to come up with something so outrageously stupid that even an Oberlin grad can't believe it.
Just tell them that the Confederacy was a Zionist plot (the Secretary of State of the Confederacy was a Jew), and next thing you know, Antifa will be burning synagogues. 
Also fun for those who saw the documentary Idiocracy:
Yeah, we'll have the most violent, lowest I.Q. segment of the population edit our history, that'll be fine. 
with the reply:
President Duane Herbert Mountain Dew Camacho approves this message. 

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