Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Why Not a Fluid Birth Date As Well?

California could become the U.S. state with the most fluid definition of gender on its official state IDs if a bill making its way through the legislature becomes law.
The California Senate has already passed SB179, which would introduce a third gender option for state identification. Currently, driver’s licenses and other forms of official identification only contain options for male or female. The bill would allow a third option, which would likely be ‘X,’ according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
The bill allowing people to identify as “nonbinary” will be considered in the California Assembly. It would also make it easier for transgender people to make sure legal state documents appropriately reflect their gender.
I'm feeling pretty good today, much like I was at 40.  I'll call myself "transchronic."  My birth date should be a settable LED display on my license.


  1. Pablo Picasso once said that everyone decides what age they will be in life. He decided to be thirty.
    If sex -- excuse me, gender is plastic, and race (Rachel Dolezal and any number of blacks passing for white), and ethnicity, why not age? And why not ableness?

    I'm beginning to identify as a differently-abled transgendered black queer woman, who is, like you, aged forty. Maybe I should apply at some university as a fully tenured professor of BS studies.

  2. I don't understand what practical purpose it serves to even have a gender on ID if it's going to be this "fluid." Utterly meaningless for identification purposes at that point; gender should be removed altogether for what utility this provides (i.e., none). To me, this is self-evidently all about symbolism.

  3. Yes. I support this. I am now 33 again. It is what I identify as.