Friday, August 18, 2017

Barcelona Attack Was a Copycat of Charlottesville

Odd, I thought that I had read of other Islamoterrorist attacks using vehicles.


  1. Bastille Day, July 2016, Nice France. A terrorist (islamic) kills a truck driver and steals his 19 ton truck. He then plows into crowds gathered for a fireworks display. 86 killed and over 400 injured.

    Nov 2016, Ohio State University, A terrorist first placed a call that their was a gas leak in a Hall. The students evacuated and went to their gathering area (a courtyard). The attacked then drove into the court yard injuring several people. he then left the vehicle and began stabbing more students. Campus police killed the stabber, 13 students injured.

    March 2017, A vehicle drives onto the sidewalk of Westminister bridge and either crushes or throws people into the river. seven killed 49 injured. The driver, was killed by an armed Officer right after he had stabbed to death an unarmed guard at Buckingham Palace.

    June 2017, a van runs over pedistrians on London bridge. Three men then emerge to stab people in nearby bars and rstaurants. 8 dead 48 injured but one British man succeeds in not spilling his pint while fleeing. All three men are killed by Police.

  2. It makes perfect sense to me. A multi-personnel, multi-target, multi-vehicle attack was planned in the few days after the Charlottesville fiasco. Jihadis were recruited, weapons were obtained, attack routes were planned, and the whole thing was carried out, in four days. It's a Festivus miracle!
    (Little known fact: The St. Valentine's Day Massacre was a copycat of the McKinley shooting [they used guns], the firebombing raids on Japan were a copycat of the Chicago fire [fire], and the charge of the Light Brigade was a copycat of Julius Caesar's assassination [blades].)