Thursday, August 17, 2017

New York Times & Palin

8/16/17 Hollywood Reporter:
Bennet, during the hearing, revealed that he was not the primary writer of the editorial, but substantially rewrote the draft that was submitted to him by a Washington, D.C.-based editorial writer, Elizabeth Williamson. Williamson was not available to testify on Wednesday, but the judge asked both parties to decide if they'd like her to testify in the near future.

"What I wasn't trying to say was that there was a direct causal link between this map and the shooting," Bennet said. "What I was concerned about was the overall climate of political incitement."
He continued: "I didn't mean to suggest that Loughner wasn't responsible. ... I did not think that Jared Loughner was acting because of this map."
Bennet testified that he had not, in advance of publication, read specific pieces of reporting in the Times about a potential connection between the PAC ad and the shooting, and said he did not know at the time of publication whether Loughner had seen the map. He also said that he had not personally seen the map. "I was not reporting the editorial, your honor, I was editing it," Bennet said.
He also shared some insights into how the editorial, which ran the same day as an attack on several congressman in D.C., came to be. He suggested that a rush to hit the newspaper's deadlines might have contributed in part to the editorial being published before the topic of political incitement and actual violence had been thoroughly researched.
Sounds like an admission of negligence.

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  1. I think his dog ate his homework a couple times to often and he got away with it.