Saturday, August 19, 2017

Backup Storage

I mentioned a while back that my 1TB external USB hard drive had failed.  I am now backing up to my 4TB external hard drive.  I had some weird hiccup with last night's Windows 7 security upgrade and suddenly became terrified of losing everything.  I currently have my wife's PC backing up to a spare 1TB external drive.

While searching for another 4 TB drive, I noticed for just a bit more money, WD 4TB My Cloud Personal Network Attached Storage - NAS, so Ethernet instead of USB.  This lets me backup both PCs through the network.  and access my files remotely as well.  I assume that Gigabit Ethernet will beat USB 3.0 on speed.  Anyone think of a reason not to go this way?


  1. usb3 is significantly faster than gigabit ethernet. but that's not relevant, because in either case you're almost certainly just writing to a single inexpensive hard drive, which will have a maximum write speed of somewhere around 100-120 megabytes/second. Easily saturated by gigabit ethernet.

    if you're really keen to keep your data safe, cobble together an old computer, give in a pair of large hard drives of the same size, and slap FreeNAS on it. bit more effort, but it'll solve problems you didn't know you have yet.

  2. That's the one I have and it works well for me. When I bought it I noted that it was about the same price with the 2 red drives as the drives alone would have cost. It is well supported by WD.