Tuesday, July 26, 2016

FTP Not Working?

Suddenly, FileZilla, an open source Windows FTP client isn't working.  It claims to upload, but it doesn't.  So I tried WinSCP and it is impossible to navigate the source directory to My Documents.  So cmd, and ftp.  That won't let me do an ls on the remote end.

Weirder and weirder.  The file is uploading, but reloading the web page doesn't show the new version.


  1. Did something change where you need to explicitly use active or passive mode? Usually when you use command line FTP and can log in but not get a directory listing it's because there's an active/passive mismatch between the client and server. I think the command line client defaults to active, which would use port 20 for data (I think). Passive would select a port above 1024.

  2. Are you still having trouble? Is it the ScopeRoller site?

  3. http://claytoncramer.com/primary/primary.html#RaceGunControlStatutes. I am trying to clean up some clumsy language under Pennsylvania.

  4. This is what comes up for me. The only thing that stands out is the "for their master" part. Not sure if that means they couldn't carry weapons for their master without a licence, or they couldn't carry without a license from their master.

    1700: Pennsylvania's "An Act for Trial of Negroes" from James T. Mitchell and Henry Flanders, ed., Statutes at Large of Pennsylvania from 1682 to 1801 (Harrisburg, Penn.: Clarence M. Busch, 1896), 2:77-79, prohibited blacks from carrying weapons of any sort without a license for their master. This law was repealed by the Queen in Council February 7, 1705/6.

    1705: A similar but longer law at 2:234-36, with an identical provision, was passed by the legislature in passed January 12, 1705/6, but did not become law until 1709, when the Queen in Council declined to act upon it. This law remained on the books until March 1, 1780.

  5. Steve: I am trying to remove in passed" from the 1705 first sentence.