Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Getting More Competent at Linux Adminiwtration

The PC with the special LinuxCNC build (based on Debian 8) ran out of disk space.  The default installation creates a 20 GB partition into which the home directories go.  After struggling with a damaged install disk, I used the SystemRescueCD program to repartition the drive.  Now /dev/sda has a 120 GB size, plenty big.  I am thrilled that some of this is slowly coming back.


  1. I hope you meant you made /home or /home/your_username larger.

    /dev/sda is the device name of your first hard drive.

    I have for a long time created a separate partition for stuff most people put in their home directories. I call that partition "files" and mount it to /home/my_username.

  2. I knew that is the better solution, but this was easy to do. The next time I will do that.