Friday, July 22, 2016

Silver Polishing

I recently inherited half of my mother's 12 setting sterling silver service.  One of my sisters wanted the other half.  I really don't see silver as better than stainless, which keeps a bright shiny finish, while silver requires scullery maids to keep it polished and that's both economically and philosophically impossible for me.

I used some silver polish and an electric toothbrush.  Should I take it a professional silver polisher or is that what you should expect from sterling?

This is by Gorham, apparently a pretty fancy product, used at the White House by many administrations.


  1. If it were me, I wouldn't separate it. If you do, make sure all the kids know it's part of a set. Eventually people will forget, the family black sheep will hock it, etc. My grandfather has a lot of medals from World War II that my dad has, and I will get. If we don't have kids, I have one cousin I trust them with (for now, he's still young).

  2. Agree with Sebastian. I wouldn't separate it.

    You can find lots of beautiful pieces of silver, that were once treasured family possessions, in thrift stores; they were once part of a set that was cherished by the family that owned it. Now they're just tarnished memories, of a family no one remembers.