Monday, July 4, 2016

Does Your :Local Library Have Harper's Back to 1934?

Unsurprisingly, Haag's book, The Gunning of America, is awash in serious problems.  She has a long section about Merchants of Death, with no awareness that the 1934 book of that title she cites specifically rejects her approach of focusing on arms makers, not governments, as "superficiality."  Of course, Merchants of Death is completely focused on war, not civilian firearms ownership.  I am trying to see if her other cited sources are similarly careless.  But I can't find the May 1934 Harper's article, Slaughter for sale·

By , 649-659.  It is available online if I subscribe to the print edition which I will do if no one can find it through Nexis.  Unfortunately Obamacare means that I  no longer have access to Nexis through College of Western Idaho, and local libraries only have Harper's back a few years.

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