Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Need Some Help

The Mailing of Firearms Act (1927) prohibited sending handguns through the post office.  I have seen a quote from a proponent that the goal was to make it harder for blacks to get handguns since they murdered people frequently with concealed handguns.  I think it might have been Sen. Shields of Tennessee.  Can you find this quote?

Found the citation from my blog last year.  65 CONG. REC. 3945 (1924)


  1. Well, this is what one article says:

    The report supporting the bill that Senator Shields inserted into the Congressional Record asked: "Can not we, the dominant race, upon whom depends the enforcement of the law, so enforce the law that we will prevent the colored people from preying upon each other?"

    This is supposed to be from the 65th congressional record, S3946. The current congressional records online only go back about 20 years, so you'd have to go to a library to dig up the records and see if it's true.

    I wouldn't doubt the veracity though, because the roots of gun control are indeed based on racism and fear of blacks and minorities.

  2. p122 of "Gun Violence in America, the struggle for control":

    They cite Stephen P Halbrook in the Tennessee Law Review. 62 TENN. L. REV. 597-641 (1995):

  3. Thanks. I eventually found the cite on my own blog. Tomorrow I go to an antique institution filled with little sheets of processed wood pulp called Boise State University library to get a photocopy.