Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Blogging Will Be Light For a Day or So

The guy putting up siding accidentally stapled the cable from the roof antenna down the wall.  Not surprisingly, removing the staple did not solve the problem so I am using mobile hotspot on my cell phone to blog this.


  1. Should be repairable. The staple either broke the internal wire, or shorted it to the shielding. Cut a short section out of the coax, and install some weatherproof connectors. Best done with the correct tool to compress the coupler. Fry's should carry the tool and parts.

    Hmm, they seem to have gone down some in the quality of tools they sell. This looks like the only thing they carry to do the complete job: (about $35.)

    The included RG6 connectors are for the larger coax, IIRC. Take that chunk you cut with you to match up to the proper connector, either RG59 or RG6.

  2. Our ISP, Xoomlink, replaced the entire cable run from antenna into the house. We'll be sending the bill no matter how much to the siding company. This is the only real oops they have had.