Wednesday, July 20, 2016


If you are one of those people who thinks House of Cards was just too cheerful, positive, and an optimistic view of how the federal government works, you might like Hostages.  As the description on Netflix reveals, a surgeon's family is taken hostage so that she will make sure the President does not survive an upcoming lung cancer operation.  It has more plot twists than a big city sewage system, and similar contents, with bad guys, really bad guys, a few good guys (usually dead part-way through) and some flawed good guys who achieve moral clarity and redemption from the horrible choices they have to make.

You will be continually surprised by each episode.  The bloodiest part is the lung cancer surgery in the last episode.  One of the bad guys goes to confession, and the priest  emphasizes that absolution requires confession, leading to his part in ending the tragedy on a fairly positive note.

The beginning of the series I would call dark and cynical, but the First Church of Satan would sue me for defaming darkness, and the Cynics Liberation Front would sue for defamation of a relatively modest abstraction.

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