Friday, July 29, 2016

Now I Understand What Happened at Canadian Customs

I have been watching a series called Border Security: Canada's Front Line which is apparently a spinoff of a similarly named show about Australian border security.  As I mentioned several months ago, when my wife and I flew to Edmonton looking for Northern Lights, we were sent to a station in Calgary (our first landing in Canada) called Secondary Inspection, where were questioned in a rather detailed way about why we were visiting Canada.  "Northern Lights" produced no laughter but it was clear the officer did not believe us.  Then they questioned us about our criminal history (none), and if we knew anyone in Canada.

From watching this show, it appears that Secondary Inspection is where the shady or suspicious sorts are sent to get them to trip up and say something that provides a reason for more detailed searches or questions.  I had no idea we were such shady looking characters!

Watching this show gives the impression that potheads from California have been shaving off IQ points that they can't afford to lose.  Many of these people did not bother to find out what Canada's pot laws are, just assuming that because Canada has medical marijuana, they can bring it with them because they have a California medical marijuana card (in many cases for treating teenaged ennui).  Canada does not allow importation of marijuana, and many of these fools were sent home.

First rule of lawbreaking: figure out your story and stick to it!  Contradictory answers make them dig until they can prove you wrong.  First rule of decent people: tell the truth.  It's easier to remember than a contrived story.

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