Wednesday, July 6, 2016

More Record Gun Sales

Thanks, Obama & Clinton, Super Gun Salesmen.  7/5/16 Breitbart:

New FBI figures show June 2016 is the 14th consecutive month of record background checks for gun sales.
The previous FBI record for June — set in June 2o15 — was 1,529,057. The number of background checks in June 2016 was 2,131,485.
According to the FBI figures, this means June 2016 saw more background checks than any June since background checks began in 1998. Breitbart News previously reported that the record-breaking streak began in May 2015, only to have May 2016 exceed the number of background checks performed a year earlier.
Average of 52,000 gun purchases per day during the Obama presidency.  For all the whining about NRA being a marketing organization for gun makers, Obama and Clinton have done far more for them than NRA. For June, more than 70,000 purchases per day.

The Democrats want a civil war; they are not going to like the results (nor will we).

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  1. Speak for yourself, Clayton. Time for some Jeffersonian refreshing of the trees of liberty. Picture the Clintoons, Pelosi, Jesse Jackson and their ilk hanging upside down from lampposts.