Monday, July 11, 2016

VMware Question

I have given up trying to get shared folders between my Linux client and Windows 7.  Drag-and-Drop doesn't work.  All the troubleshooters for this require you to change the Guest Isolation Option in Virtual Machine Settings, but there is no such option showing in WorkStation 12.  The VMware forum is useless on this.


  1. Network Attached Storage. There are external disks and disk enclosures you can buy that have NFS and other file sharing system support built in (usually via an embedded Linux server). There are also routers you can buy that have a USB port for attaching a disk for that purpose.

  2. This option is not available?

  3. I believe Rick C is suggesting you use a cheap Network Attached Storage device to access your files from either system.

    You wouldn't really need to do that though; a USB hard drive (or even thumb drive, given today's capacities) would accomplish the same thing.

    I'm sorry I can't speak directly to your question, as I abandoned VMWare years ago for VirtualBox.

  4. Get a cheap NAS[1] that appears as its own device on the network. Share files thorugh it as an intermediary. An extra step getting files from one machine to another, but it seems like less pain than you've had so far! (Plus, of course, a lot of times you could just leave the files on the NAS and then access them from whichever other machine you want.)

    [1] Something like this, although I'm not endorsing that particular device, it's just the first one that came up when I searched Amazon for "NAS".

  5. VirtualBox works. I'm using a 64-bit Ubuntu host for a Windows 7 and Windows 10 VM. The shared folder works, as does copy/paste in both directions. And it's free.