Friday, July 15, 2016

A Bridge Too Far

The Democrats obsession with seeing every form of sexual confusion as something to celebrate is beginning to look like the LGBTs overstepped reality.  7/13/16 East Idaho News:
IDAHO FALLS — A transgender woman accused of videotaping an 18-year-old in a Target fitting roomadmitted to detectives that she had made videos in the past of women undressing, according to court documents obtained by
Shauna Smith, a transgender woman, is being charged as Sean Smith with one felony count of video voyeurism after the alleged incident Monday.
An affidavit of probable cause states the 18-year-old woman was trying on swimwear at the Target on 25th East when someone in an adjacent fitting room held an iPhone over the top of the barrier and began taking photos or video recording.
“The victim’s mother confronted the suspect, who immediately fled on foot. Both (the victim and victim’s mother) described the suspect as a white male who was wearing a dress and a blonde wig. A witness observed the suspect get into a vehicle and leave the area,” court documents state.
Bonneville County detectives learned the vehicle was registered to Smith. When an investigator arrived at Smith’s home, documents state “the defendant’s roommate told (the investigator) her roommate is a transgender male who identifies as a female, Shauna Smith.”
The detective showed the roommate surveillance still photos of the suspect from Target and the roommate identified the suspect’s clothing as that of Smith’s, according to documents.
Deputies interviewed Smith and “the defendant eventually admitted to me that she had made videos in the past of women undressing. The defendant told (the detective) that she makes these videos for the ‘same reason men go online to look at pornography,'” documents state.
Yes at Target.  Why I don't shop there anymore.  And he didn't have Internet access for porn?


  1. Did you see the left wing comments on this story as published in the Idaho Statesman? They are convinced it must be a guy "pretending" to be a woman and not a real transgendered (intentional misuse of the term) person. Crazy....

  2. Whether the perp was man-pretending-to-be-transgender or really-transgender, he was taking advantage of an environment created by transgender-supporting activists.

    And those activists--as well as the leadership of Target corporation--should have considered this possibility.

  3. "A simple Google search provides dozens of cases of Peeping Toms arrested at Target stores across the country for taking pictures and/or videos of women and children in various states of undress in Target’s fitting rooms and bathrooms."