Saturday, July 23, 2016

It's 1968 again!

Then: McCarthy's Children's Crusade mobilizes millions of idealistic, naive young people in a Children's Crusade only slightly less damaging than the first one.  The corrupt party regulars give the nomination to Hubert Humphrey, a longtime moderate Democrat, enraging far left of the party.  Riots in the streets of Chicago at the Convention.

Now: 7/23/16 The Hill: "Clinton VP pick could face liberal ire" and 7/17/16 Philadelphia Inquirer:
With the Democratic National Convention and an attendant influx of protesters a week away, the city is suggesting businesses bring in loose planters, take down flags, and secure commercial dumpsters "to avoid misappropriation by demonstrators."

Then: Republicans pick Nixon, a Republican even many Republicans consider ":Tricky Dick."

Now: Republican leadership hates Trump so much, many will vote for Clinton.

Then: Race riots and racial hatred made many Americans very responsive to Nixon's calls for "law and order" (rendered especially ironic by Watergate).

Now: Obama's racial healing of America makes "law and order" one of Trump's catch-phrases.

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  1. Trump has a gift for bringing the cockroaches out from their hidey-holes.

    I'll be eternally grateful just because of that!