Saturday, March 12, 2016

You Can A Lot About Someone By Their Enemies

Some have compared Trump to the Nazis, but look at the threats of political violence: and here
Isn't there a missing verb ?  Oh yes the Sturmabteilung of the Democratic Party is too authentic to learn Standard English.

But many of the protesters in Chicago said they were there to specifically to stop Trump from speaking.
"Our country is not going to make it being divided by the views of Donald Trump," said Jermaine Hodge, a 37-year-old lifelong Chicago resident who owns a trucking company. "Our country is divided enough. Donald Trump, he's preaching hate. He's preaching division."

Indeed, Trump taunted the protesters at his rally in St. Louis, panning them as weak "troublemakers," and ordered them to "go home to mommy" or "go home and get a job" because "they contribute nothing."
Who Are the Nazis?

I expect this will be given by progressives as evidence that Trump is a Nazi, because their allies are threatening violence.  "Agree with us and there won't be problems."

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  1. The phrase "Two sides of the same counterfeit coin" comes to mind.