Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trevon Shot Dead? Will Obama Get Involved?

3/15/16 Washington Post:
Gwendolyn Jenrette can be forgiven for putting security cameras around her modest Miami home. She lives in Liberty City, a high-crime neighborhood in a high-crime town. Her low-slung duplex backs onto the railroad tracks and has been targeted in the past.

She can also be forgiven for racing home when, on Thursday afternoon, her security system alerted her to another break-in at the property.

But can she be forgiven for, according to police, fatally shooting a teenager as he fled her house, even as officers were on their way to help?...
Seventeen-year-old Trevon Johnson died Thursday night after Jenrette shot him once as he allegedly fled the scene of the home invasion, according to Miami-Dade police. There have been no indications that Johnson was armed.
I suspect an indictment. Great smirking mug shot of Trevon from an earlier arrest.


  1. The criminal was shot as he was running away? Is it clear without any doubt that he was no danger to the homeowner? If so, she may have a heap of trouble coming her way...

  2. The article clearly says she shot him in the chest.

  3. Ayoob has lots of data on attackers spinning around so fast to run that they end up getting shot in the side or back. This story has so many conflicting accounts, it's too soon to get the real facts. Typical for the MSM: Run with the story, and worry about "facts" later, if ever.

  4. Why did she even rush home? The burglar could have had a gun. No, if you ask me she should be charged. What did she have in her home that was worth a human life?

  5. ASDF, why don't you ask Treyvon that same question? What could be in that home worth him trading his life for? Criminals should be the ones explicitly making that calculation.