Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Need Quotes From Supporters of Assault Weapon Bans That Suggest Owners Are In Some Way Second Class Citizens

Like Gov. Cuomo's remarks that AW owners should leave New York.  Especially any quotes suggesting sexual dysfunction drives AW ownership.


  1. Heh. You want quotes? Twitter is full of antis making reference to the #tinycock club (I think that's the hashtag that gets used). And Joe Huffman does a Markley Monday post.

  2. I have several from CSGV not necessarily all AW but some have it in the comments

    BBQ Guns

    Cricket Rifle

    Degenerate Culture

    The Devil

    Gun Culture

    Ammo for AR

  3. And Joe Huffman has a collection based on Markley’s Law

    It’s Markley’s Law Monday's has a collection

  4. Check at Joe Huffman's blog. He has a long list of this sort of thing: