Friday, March 18, 2016

For Those Afraid Trump Nomination Will Elect Clinton

Two Headlines

Hillary Clinton’s Allies Launch Plan to Undercut Donald Trump Now

Black Dems aren’t turning out for Hillary like they did for Obama

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  1. I don't believe Trump would certainly lose to Clinton. I think almost any other Republican candidate would certainly beat her (if she is the nominee, which IMO won't happen).

    I think Trump would lose because up to now, he has been given a free boost by the mass media. His campaign is extremely dependent on that free boost; he has no "ground game" and has run almost no advertisements. The media don't care if he beats the other Republicans. But if he becomes the opponent of the Democrat, they will cut off his "oxygen" in a "New York minute". He'll get no more free airtime. All his sleazy business dealings (Trump University, Trump Network, the Trump model agency, etc.) will become 24/7 news. They made him - they can and will break him.

    I think that not only would Trump probably lose, he could drag down the Republican party and give the Democrats control of both houses of Congress.

    And I think if he won, he would be a very bad President. He could be a good administrator. (Unlike Clinton, who has never been in charge of anything she hasn't majorly screwed up, Trump has actually executed some complex and difficult projects.) But I think he would be even worse than Obama in overriding the Constitution to "get things done". And his whole history is of association with the cronies and insiders (mostly Democrats). I see essentially no chance that he would follow through on his immigration hawkishness, or any other radical reform that "the Establishment" opposes.