Tuesday, March 22, 2016

An Amusing Story

I just returned from visiting what must be the smallest set intersection in the known universe.  She's Jewish; he's part-Cherokee: both serious gun nuts.  The house looks like a horror museum for Michael Bloomberg and Dianne Feinstein.  She had an interesting story to tell: one of her ancestors was chased out of Czarist Russia by the Jews.  She would not shave her head and wear a wig as was the Orthodox Jewish custom then and there (and remains so in America today).

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  1. Ya never know.

    In November 2000, I served as judge of election in a precinct located in the Bernard Horwich Jewish Community Center, in Chicago's largest Jewish neigborhood.

    There were slow stretches during the day, and I went into the JCC's lobby to get a can of pop from the vending machine. I fell into conversation with a young Hasidic boy (maybe twelve years old, wearing the dress clothes, hat, earlocks, etc.)

    He told me that all his relatives were voting Republican. That surprised me, but only a bit, because many observant Jews are socially conservative. Then he added that it was because of Lieberman - the first Jew to appear on a major-party national ticket. One wouldn't think that he would alienate Jewish voters, but it seemed that they regarded Lieberman as a hyopocrite and a bad Jew. (I can't recall now whether this was because he is claims to be a Jew but is not observant, or because he claims to be observant but really isn't.)

    Sometimes the world is very counterintuitive.