Friday, March 25, 2016

Canadian Security and Immigration

We checked our bags all the way through to Edmonton, but when we reached Calgary, we had to grab our bags and go through Canadian customs.  Apparently our explanation to the first, somewhat surly official that we were headed to Edmonton for Northern Lights was implausible, so we were forwarded to a very polite young lady who asked lots of questions: Did we have any criminal convictions?  Did we know anyone in Canada?  Had we been there before?  She ran a background check on both of us.

Canadian airport security was similar to what TSA did before we acquired the TSA Pre-Check status. Slow, laptops out of their bags, shoes off.  Rhonda received special treatment because they couldn't figure out that earrings were setting off the metal detector.

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  1. I drove to northern Alberta a couple years ago to watch the northern lights. I hope you are more successful than I was.

    When I crossed the border, they questioned me closely about whether I owned any guns. Yes.
    Did I have any handguns? Yes.
    Did I have a permit to carry them? Yes.
    How many did I own? I hadn't counted lately.
    Would I lift up my shirt tails and turn around slowly? No problem.
    Did I ever transport guns in my vehicle? Yes.
    If they searched my vehicle would they find any guns? No.
    Would their bomb sniffing dogs detect any odor of ammunition? Possibly.

    They took my vehicle into a garage and searched it. Then I was allowed to proceed. I don't think they actually had a dog there.

    While I was there I found there was no shortage of .22 ammo (this was 2013). I stopped in a small town pawn shop and remarked how much CCI .22 they had. There's more in the back, they said. About 10,000 rounds...