Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wonder Why I Haven't Been Blogging Much?

I am the featured luncheon speaker at a Texas Bar Association CLE in Austin in September.  (Look under Firearms Law in that list.)  I was asked to write a paper to go with the presentation on Stand Your Ground Laws, and I have been doing that.  Contrary to what the media would like you to believe SYG laws are largely an outgrowth of attempts to protect women domestic violence.  I will put the paper up on SSRN in a day or two for your comments and entertainment.  Memorable lines:

John the Merchant takes offense, and soon voices have been raised, colorful expletives are exchanged, and fingers have been poked in each other’s chest, with increasing aggression.

When he entered the dwelling, making threats, Mrs. Livesay fired a warning shot into the wall.  This was apparently a bit too subtle of a hint to Mr. Livesay, at which point he shoved her against a wall and Mrs. Livesay either by accident (her claim) or on purpose (the prosecutor’s claim) shot and killed him. 

(Contrary to what might at first be assumed, “dangerous weapon” in the legal sense of that phrase does not necessarily include firearms, but can include pottery.

The second circumstance is death by “chance-medley” which sounds like someone randomly hitting buttons on a jukebox, but isn’t.  

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