Friday, March 11, 2016

It Isn't Just That Obamacare Is Missing Its Targets

But why,  From 3/11/16 The Hill:
Officials noted that enrollment at the end of 2015 was still about 40 percent higher than the year before and that ObamaCare has helped cut the uninsured rate to a record low of under 10 percent. Recent administration figures show 20 million people have gained coverage because of the law....

Some dropoff is natural, as people find coverage elsewhere. HHS noted that 2.7 million jobs were created last year, so more people could have switched to coverage through their employers.

But the department also noted that “data matching” issues, when people’s immigration or income documentation does not match federal databases, led to some people’s coverage being canceled. 

The enrollment dropoff “likely also reflects a significant increase in data matching issues,” HHS said.
 You mean people were lying about being illegal immigrants or howe much they made yo get on Obamacare?  I am shocked...shocked.. to find a massive giveway attracted leeches.

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