Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How to Tell If There Are Beavers in Your Forest

and these stills, which look like cartoon depictions of what beavers do:

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  1. Oregon State University.
    Corvallis, Oregon.

    Our school name is BEAVER U. We have beavers all over the place. I have more beavers within walking distance of my home than you have in your state.

    The Beaver is the avowed enemy of the two true predators here: Slugs and Snails. These evil creatures cause much predation among our flower beds. Beavers are the only thing that keep slugs and snails from overwhelming our state.

    Unfortunately, Beavers only like trees. They don't care about slugs and snails. It's hard to train a Beaver to eat a slug, or a snail. Well, if I asked you to eat slugs and snails ... would you do it?

    It's really really HARD to train a beaver.

    Thank you for bringing this ecological quandary to our attention.

    And yes, I have been spending WAY too much time walking through the Stub Gardens of Oregon.