Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A New Sin: "Tourist Privilege"

3/14/16 National Review:
Students at Clare College in Cambridge are objecting to an “Orient Express” themed party on the grounds that it’s racist, “toxic,” “gross,” and perpetuates tourist privilege. “The vibe they are going for with the Orient Express is white people traveling in first class on a train, visiting ‘exotic’ places with the inherent sense of privilege that comes from being a rich tourist . . . it’s going to be a white presentation of these places they’re trying to represent, full of stereotypes, which is erasing and gross,” student Ploy Kingchatchaval told the Sunday Times, according to an article in the Telegraph. According to The Daily Mail, the school was promoting the party — believe it or not — not as a racism-themed event, but one of “romance and adventure” where “the sights, sounds, and smells of this love letter to luxury travel will blend seamlessly.” But Kingchatchaval doesn’t buy it. In fact, he insists that the school was “clearly” trying to be offensive on purpose: “They clearly didn’t intend for it to be about travel because Orient is such a loaded term,” he said.

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 What is causing so many college students to turn into raging fools?  And why do you have your kids in public schools?

For you young'uns, the Orient Express was a train that crossed Europe to Turkey, and the name appears in many novels that some of us grew up on.

Of course, kids attending Cambridge are upset about privilege?

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  1. Simply assume that anyone in a public school, at any level, whether student or staff, is an idiot. This should be your starting point. This will be more accurate than thinking the opposite, therefore you will be wrong less often, and occasionally pleasantly surprised.