Thursday, March 10, 2016

Remember the Phrase "Reagan Democrats"?

3/10/16 CBS Pittsburgh:
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Nearly 46,000 Pennsylvania Democrats have switched to Republicans since the beginning of the year.

According to Penn Live, some experts attribute the mass exodus to Donald Trump.

There’s even a title for the movement. It’s called “Ditch and Switch” and calls for lifelong Democrats to abandon the party, register Republican, and help ensure Trump’s place in the general election.

Professor of Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College, Dr. G. Terry Madonna, tells the paper he has a theory behind the switch.

“With the increase in support in exit polls for Trump among working class, blue-collar Democrats, it is my belief that these are people who fall into that genre,” said Madonna. 

The numbers are similar in other states as well.

The paper says in Massachusetts, as many as 20,000 Democrats have gone from blue-to-red this year with Trump cited as a primary reason. And in Ohio, as many as 1,000 blue collar workers have promised to switch parties and vote for Trump.
 Same reason: the realization that their owners don't care about them.


  1. Maybe this will be good news for Republicans, but probably not for conservatism. Trump is appealing directly to these people, and his promises are about a government that works better, commanded by him, not for smaller government or constitutional principles.

    Still, it is fun to see Democrats realizing that they've been had.

  2. A working government that enforces our laws would be a step up.

  3. And there won't be journalists asleep to abuses like now.

  4. A working government led by a Conservative would be vastly better than a working government led by a moderate.

    I think the Heller decision would be overruled in a flash by the kind of "moderate" justice deal-maker Trump would appoint.

    After all, Trump would be up against the left wing press (i.e. almost all of it) and Trump loves praise and hates criticism. He would act in the way that gets him the most adulation, and that would not be to our benefit.