Sunday, August 31, 2014

Would You Admit This Level of Ignorance From A Population You Want Voting

From the August 30, 2014 New Yprk Times:
In this small city, which is two-thirds African-American but has mostly white elected leaders, only 12 percent of registered voters took part in the last municipal election, and political experts say black turnout was very likely lower. But now, in the wake of the killing of Mr. Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old, by a white Ferguson police officer, there is a new focus on promoting the power of the vote, an attempt to revive one of the keystones of the civil rights movement.
“A lot of people just didn’t realize that the people who impact their lives every day are directly elected,” said Shiron Hagens, 41, of St. Louis, who is not part of any formal group but has spent several days registering voters in Ferguson with her mother and has pledged to come back here each Saturday. “The prosecutor — he’s elected. People didn’t know that. The City Council — they’re elected. These are the sorts of people who make decisions about hiring police chiefs. People didn’t know.”


  1. I'd be very afraid of who those new voters will elect. Sure glad I don't live anywhere near there!

  2. My pet theory of successful communities comes down to citizen involvement. The more actively the citizenry is involved, the more successful the community. I find the type of apathy found in Ferguson to be despicable. The community is, and has been, plagued by terrible problems for years, and the vast majority of the residents thought it was someone else's problem to fix.

  3. Kukulkan, I agree. Sadly I think the residents are typical victims of the Community Organizer/Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson brigade. Unfortunately the only solution is probably the same as for Iraqi's, Afghanis, etc. That is, move the heck out and go to a better place. For example, move to a state/location that isn't mired in the crap. Not easy of course, but staying there is likely to leave one dead.

    In my experience recent immigrants from Africa are much better in every respect. Too bad we can't find a way for those people of "color" to change the attitude of our resident "African-Americans" But the previously mentioned Brigade will fight that since they aren't going to relinquish the political and economic power they wield over the ghetto.

    We could still have race wars in this country and I really think the race bating leaders want that. Helter Skelter.