Thursday, August 14, 2014

Solar Power

The spreadsheet I shared a few days ago was based on 8.5 cents/KWh summer rates from Idaho Power.  st Looking over the most recent bill,it turns out that above 800 Kw-H, the summer price goes up to 10.5 centsts/KW-h.  Those panels wn when on't require 1.7 years to pay for themselves, but a bit less. First action when I get out of rehab.


  1. Have you tried this calculator?

  2. Really? Payback in under two years. I believe you, but have never seen numbers like that before.
    Has solar gotten that much better? Or, is it just the subsidies are that good?
    I have been casually following your posts since back several years as you went over the numbers, but I guess not carefully enough. Time to do some serious investigation.