Sunday, August 10, 2014

very sore in my back

too much time in bed?


  1. Yes, and very possibly developing Bed Sores (decubitus ulcers), which can develop in a matter of 8-12 hours if you do not reposition yourself OR they are not coming in to reposition you if you cannot do that yourself.

    Ring to see if someone can look at your sore back - have your wife / kids look if they are there. If they aren't ask the nurse to take a picture using YOUR cell phone (they should never use their own) so you can see for yourself.

    Unfortunately it's a real tragedy, but if one develops it can be a real he-said/she-said with little getting done to address the problem. A foam or air overlay will help relieve pressure between the pressure points and the (probably crappy) mattress on the bed. Extended time with pressure points compressed stops blood flow to the affected area and an open sore can develop in 24 hours of less, especially if the area is moist.

  2. This is mumoscle paim not skin sires

  3. Well, be careful of those anyway. Anny sort of loss of mobility puts you at higher risk for them. Rooting for you from down here!