Sunday, August 31, 2014

exhausted. Depressed.

I am not getting restorative sleep.  How can you in a  hospital?  I asked for a sleeping pil  to help me sleep better, but the doctor is concerned about addiction.  Last night we made a second attempt with a CPAP mask, and this one (which only covereed my nose ) worked better thn the previous one, I ended up sleeping almost as well as I sleep at home with a BreatheRight strip.  Restorative sleep is really essential after a stroke, as the braiex  tries to rewire itself.  And the various therapies I go through are physically exhausting.

I am now able to flex my right wrist,and just the faintest signs of right hand motion are appearing.  I want to go home.


  1. I don't know any clever way thing to say, I wish I had a better answer than "keep on keepin' on." I guess some times it is just one day, on step at a time. I pray you find the strength you need.

    Best wishes.

  2. Clayton, have you ever tried melatonin? As with most things, it works differently with different folks but for those it works for it seems to work really, really well. It's an OTC supplement and reportedly not habit forming at all either.

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  4. Love surrounds you. Let it fill you and carry you forward.

  5. Eric, you said it well.

    best wishes from Lisa and I, Clayton.

  6. I'll second the recommendation for melatonin. Start with the weakest dose and work up from there if needed. I'm a night owl and were it not for melatonin I'd have never got to sleep and then to work each day. The only side effect is that dreams tend to be more vivid.