Friday, August 22, 2014

Microsoft Stock s Shuuld Be Priced at $0 For Windows 8

Windpws 8 reallyt encourages ypu to use your Microsoft login yo vonytol access to the PC.  Vujt iy fpesn't work.  I have reset my password through, and it still doesb't work.  And these instructions for rewsetting the wignin do noy work.  I WISH i HAD MY :INUX DISTRO cd HERE AT THE HOSPIYAL.  mICROSOFT IS TRAQSH.




  2. A ray of sunshine: Windows 9 has been announced and the START button is coming back in full swing. You can also will be able to choose traditional viewing (desktop) or tablet/app viewing without having to juggle between both and operate apps from desktop too.