Tuesday, August 12, 2014

truly weird Dream

It is amazing how your brain cancombine facts with unpleasant sensoey inputs to create something truly strange, and I have a current example. The  combination of please don't get out of bed in your cuurent weakened sttate,. too many sensors attached to my body. and likely some impairment of bladder sensation caused by the stroke means that I seldom get to the urinal bottle in time, and often wake up in a wet hospital bed.  Reading Isabel Fonseca's Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey has combined a lot of ancient European history, current insanity inpost-Hohxa Albania to create what my considered the ultimate  data base nightmare .

The dream last night was that I am a consultant to a Eastern Eoropean government trying to figure out why director of IT keeps getting deluged with urine.  The reason turns out tobe as I discover while sing the SPL debugger in Server Studio,  that instead of a printed report the SPL is umping urine as data, for a report that has not been used by this agency since the Reformation.  I suspect that my colleagues at the Dept. of Correction will only find this dream slightly strang  We often find reports qre beingpoduced that are out of date,providing information that no longer mees current needs,.as well as database triggers wsending data from oned atabase to another without any clear purose  At least the developers don;t have to woorry about diape rash.


  1. You must be getting some "good" meds there :)
    And your typing is improving too!

  2. A Texas Catheter might help (you don't need a real one).

  3. Good news. You don't need to use LSD to get the same benefits. And, yes, your typing is improving.

  4. I re-watched A Man For All Seasons on DVD and, a week later, became deathly ill. Following emergent surgery I was kept in a coma for 8 days. While waking up when asked for my name I apparently replied that I was Sir Thomas More, the Exchequer of London. He wasn't, but I was!

    Magic happens with medication.

    Keep your spirits up and your sense of humor. It's all a mirage anyway.

  5. Have the nurses dress you in Depends. I went to those after I had the same situation last year in the hospital. Also, if you haven't, read My Stroke of Insight.

  6. Clayton, sorry to hear of your illness. Couple of thoughts:

    1. Have the nurses put Depends on you. I had that done when I was similarly indisposed and they were life savers.

    2. Read, My Stroke of Insight. Lots of info about how much the brain is capable of healing itself.

    I will pray for you. SR

  7. If you were stuck in Albania, you might be forced to watch endless movies featuring British comedian/songwriter Norman Wisdom. Apparently Hoxha was his greatest fan, and would allow no Western movies to be shown unless featuring Wisdom.

  8. Dr. Jill Bolte, the author of My Stroke of Insight has been interviewed many times. See https://www.google.com/#q=My+Stroke+of+Insight+oprah for videos you can watch including an Oprah interview.