Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Microsoft Login Problem

My guess is that whatever problem I am seeing is specific to my environment or W8 victims would be screaming up a storm.  My W8 notebook is talking through the guest wifi here in the hospital.   Like most guest wi-fis, attempts to contact a remote server go to a servver that requires you to approve a conditions, of use page, before allowing the http request through to target server.  I suspect that however W8 is validating the Microsoft login, isn't handling an inability to get a legitimate response from;  I may have to wait until I am home henc.


  1. You could try getting off of the guest WiFi onto your own connection. Verizon will give you a tablet to use as a hotspot. $10 / month for the ability to share it's connection. Whatever provider you use probably has a similar deal. You might be able to just turn on tethering on your phone.

    Just watch how much data you run through it.

  2. It may be too late, but you didn't need to create a microsoft login. There's an option to do it when you first boot, but you have to hit "advanced" or something like that.