Friday, August 1, 2014

Not For Children Under Three

I saw this item on with the warning
WARNING:CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
How many parents are going to order tritium pistol sights for their toddlers?


  1. Well I know how the anti-gun crowd would answer that question, "Evil gun owners would!" By their definition all gun owners are evil and irresponsible and commit child endangerment, etc.

  2. Well you can never start the training too young.

  3. Tritium night sights are a must-have accessory on any kids water pistol aren't they?

    I know I would have enjoyed a set. Of course back then they probably would have been Radium.

  4. Didn't we do this one a month or two ago?

  5. Of course such disclaimers on products are standard for anything small regardless of intended use. Otherwise should a kid choke on it you can bet there would be a costly lawsuit. Legal "cover your ass." I do wonder if that is sufficient protection though for such a suit. Probably not. :-(

    It's nice that Ruger has stopped printing the huge warnings on the barrels of their revolvers and has gone to much smaller warnings on the bottom of the barrel in many cases. The warnings were a result of some lawsuits by stupid people loading six into old model Blackhawks and then dropping the gun (apparently by accident) and then suing. If only they had RTFM and knew their old style Colt action functioning they would have known not to load six. I love my old Model guns over my new model ones. I'll take those old west clicks and smoother action over that transfer bar "safety" any day.

  6. Tricking out their Nerf guns.

    Get well soon Clayton.