Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Useless Day

It is 9:30 Thursday morning abd the only productive thing I  will get done today issome synapse fdwiring

ring in my brain.  I don;t see how people on the dole can live with themselves.


  1. Inch by inch the snail climbs Mt Fuji.

  2. "I don;t see how people on the dole can live with themselves."

    I spent a week out sick a few months back. Netflix and Hulu kept me from going insane.

  3. Clayton, as a second amendment supporter and lover of freedom, I have followed your work for many years. I was shocked by this news and I hold true that you will beat this thing. It will take time and effort, and the whole thing is a sad testament to the random nature of this world, but you will persevere. My family and I keep you in our prayers.

    Yours in Liberty,

    Joe Brower
    Venice, FL

  4. I'm curious as to whether any of the mind games type of video games would be of any benefit to you. Or any of the eye-hand coordination type of games.

    Thanks for your current openness in discussing your condition, and for your past work. Your blog is one I follow regularly and look forward to doing so for a long, long time.

  5. Hang in the Clayton. Looks like the typing is improving.

    I wish I had some clever activity I could suggest that would keep you pleasantly and productively occupied.

    I would probably be reading voraciously (I suspect you have probably read yourself out by now tho). Maybe you can plan your next book, outlining it and organizing the themes and points, things like that?

    If nothing else, take some amusement that Bloomberg spent $150K against a pro-2A sheriff in Wisconsin...and lost. (In WISCONSIN. Scott Walker, pro-2A sheriffs, what's coming next?)

    Best wishes to you.