Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gov. Perry;d Indictmemt

Gov.Perry's indictment for vetoing funding of the Travis County Public Integrity unit wasbecause the D.A. in charge of it was arrested for DUI. You can see and hear the police car'dashcam of her arrest here.  She pleaded guilty to the DUI charge would not resign. Texans for Public Justice is a lef-wing group that apparently defends the Travis County's' d.a.'S actions because the Public Integrity Unit is the only tool by which the University of Texas dominated county can pursue its leftist agenda.


  1. You've got that one exactly right, Clayton!

    Glad to see that you're not neglecting the "important" things, just because of some piddlin' stroke. Signs of recovery!!

    Keep on keepin' on...!

    All the best,

  2. From the looks of your more recent posts, your recovery seems to be gaining speed! I pray it only gets better!

  3. What Jim said. That's a good sign for your recovery.

    This indictment is a political farce and Perry will be able to use it to his advantage.

    Maybe the Texas legislature will change the law so that the PIU comes under the Attorney General, not the leftists in Austin.