Friday, August 22, 2014

Maybe Good News

The neurologists says that long-term disability from Social Security should bee a slam dunk after a stroke, it is usually disability claims involving pain that require a big fight.

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  1. It should be, but the process can be pretty bogus in getting to that point.

    In my case, granted, before the Great Recession opened the floodgates, a doctor working for the SSA who never saw me wrote something that was used for an initial denial.

    I say "something" because, during the hearing before SSA's administrative law judge, the latter read out loud what that doctor wrote because he couldn't understand it. Nor could the assistant on his end (some sort of relevant expert who's title/expertise I now can't remember), nor I or my lawyer. Not quite authentic frontier gibberish, but none of us could understand what that doctor was trying to say besides "no".

    Which made the decision a slam dunk for the judge, since that was the only "evidence" on the other side.

    Anyway, I was told by my lawyer, again before the Great Recession, that people can have gross organic injury after a car accident and still get initially denied due to this process. Maybe things have improved since then.

    But if that happens, if you can afford to play the game long enough, that is, after an initial administrative denial, continue to see the relevant doctor(s) so they can provide up to date reports on your condition, you should be able to get it within a few years (over a year for me, might be longer now, and it's also region dependent).

    Good luck either with the rehabilitation and if necessary, filing for disability.