Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yes, Restrictive Gun Control Must Be Very Popular In California

Received from someone who attempted to go to a gun show in Ontario, California:
The show started at 9:00 AM. Before 9:30 AM they stopped letting in ticket holders due to the capacity crowd being larger than the fire codes allowed. We did not know this. Nor we were told this by an show official.

We arrived right at the start of the show. We waited for 30 minutes to park in an outer parking lot for a parking fee of $9.00. We walked to the convention center and got in line for our tickets.  Twenty minutes later we had tickets. Next we had to get into the ticketed line.  The line started at the front door, went out to the street, down to the corner, back up the side of the entire convention center, around that corner, and on to nearly the third corner of the convention center.  It took 10-15 minutes to walk the line and as we passed we checked with people, is the line moving?  No, it’s not was the answer.  We walked past over a thousand people waiting in line, waited an additional 10 minutes at our spot in line, whereupon it came to us that the line could take anywhere from 2-5 hours to get in the show and we weren’t guaranteed getting in at all for the day.

We decided to seek  refunds and leave  before everyone else figured there was no guarantee they would get into the show.  Retracing our steps we were cheerfully refunded both our ticket monies which by the way are now $14.00 admission.  We even got our parking fee returned.

Soooo,       We never made it in!    Lesson learned, in these frenzied hysterical times if you are thinking of going to a gun show and you want to get in, you might think about arriving 2-3 hours before the show opens.
I realize that a convention center that can only hold thousands of people may not be representative of a society with 300 million people. But this was in California, one of the more liberal states. I am suspecting that opposition to restrictive gun control is not a fringe phenomenon.


  1. I went to the Great Western show in Pomona a few times (late 1970's/early 1980's) and there were definitely a lot of gun nuts in CA back then!

    Sure miss that show. That one was so huge that one needed two days to really get a look at everything. I distinctly remember even after 30+ years ago of having sore legs and feet the day after from all the walking. Did you ever make it to this one?

    You know CA really has many smaller (rural) counties that are red areas and tend to vote Republican, be NRA members and probably have lots of guns (I bet they still have hi cap magazines to).

    The "Chief Gun Grabber" is sure making some people wealthy! And the rest of us poor from having to burn up our savings to get things at inflated prices before they are gone forever....

  2. there is a gun show every 5 or 6 weeks in suburban Cincinnati. I was thinking of going today, but a pal went yesterday and said that he had to stand in line for 2.5 hours outside in the I bailed out.